First of all, let me start this blog by saying that I got the idea to write about the new controversial batting practice cap the Braves intend to use in the upcoming 2013 season after AJC Writer David O’Brien wrote about it in his article.  It’s a really good article, and you can read it here.

All of this started when the fact that the Atlanta Braves were going to be using a batting practice cap featuring their old Indian logo was made known.  Immediately people begin to say that by using this hat Atlanta was being racist.  You can see their point, as the hat does feature an Indian is what some consider to be a violent way.  Obviously racism in sports with all ethnic groups is a big deal, but in my opinion, the hat doesn’t seem racist to Native Americans to me.

In his article, O’Brien points out that a lot of Native Americans are proud to be represented by Atlanta calling themselves the “Braves”.  All around the sports world this type of issue comes up.  The Washington Redskins face constant criticism and protests because of their name.  The Florida State Seminoles actually got the blessing of the Seminoles to use the name.  As O’Brien points out, the Braves are similar to Florida State, mostly because they have same chant.

Honestly, I like the hat and would definitely buy it.  But I’m not Native American, and if a large number of Native American’s fell offended by the hat, then I guess it should be puled.  But personally, I see no harm in the hat.


By Chris Castle

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